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Clean titles are essential when selling or purchasing residential and commercial properties. Although Title Insights is located just outside Tampa in Westchase, their expertise can provide title insurance for every property throughout the State of Florida and protects against unknown and unexpected occurrences that might otherwise endanger a sale.

We start by conducting a thorough records search that looks for issues such as tax liens, document mistakes, criminal acts, probate matters, etc. Then, in case anything was missed due to document errors that make an accurate search more difficult, coverage is provided to protect you from any associated legal actions and costs.

Our Expertise

Residential Home Seller

Title insurance for residential home sellers is a wise investment to ensure the buyer can get a mortgage and protect yourself and the buyer should unforeseen issues arise.

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Commercial Property Seller

Commercial property sellers are strongly advised to obtain title insurance to guard against issues that could result in serious financial losses or even loss of ownership of the property.

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Real Estate Investor

Title insurance for real estate investors safeguards commercial lenders and property buyers when titles are not completely clear or issues with the property arise.

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Real Estate Developer/Builder

While Title Insights can insure the property from acquisition to resale, we can also provide valuable guidance during the land development phase by proactively identifying issues for a more streamlined process at the end sale.

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Financial institutions feel more confident about lending funds for real estate buyers and builders knowing title insurance will protect the real estate asset in the event challenges arise with the title.

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Mortgage Broker

Mortgage brokers have more peace of mind in transactions working with experienced title professionals who take a proactive approach to ensure their loans close on time by overcoming obstacles in the beginning of the process.

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Experienced Title Insurance Professionals

With more than a decade of experience in title insurance, our experts bring professional insight while working diligently with leaders in the industry to provide accurate information and proper title insurance coverage to protect everyone involved in a real estate transaction, be it residential, commercial or development, and facilitate a swift and smooth real estate closing.

Property Sellers
and Buyers

Title Insights is dedicated to working only with the best title insurance professionals in the industry. Our hiring procedures help ensure that each client is aided by a team member with the expertise and experience necessary to deliver excellent results every time. Our team will meet or exceed even the highest of expectations throughout the title insurance process.


Whether or not there is a “time crunch” involved with a particular client’s title insurance needs, our experts understand the importance of expedience. While other title insurance companies conduct their searches and closings within approximately three or four hours, Title Insights isn’t satisfied with that timeframe. Our goal is always to provide closings within one hour of beginning the process.

Excellent and Efficient Customer Service

Although our goal is to provide a closing in less than one hour after starting the process, we certainly don’t lessen the services that you receive throughout that title insurance process. From the moment that you first reach out to Title Insights, you will be treated professionally by our outstanding customer service staff. We answer any questions you might have and always deliver a high level of service to ensure you understand the process and the status of your desired services and requests.

Why You Can Trust Title Insights to Protect You Against the Unexpected

The seasoned title insurance professionals at Title Insights have successfully participated in more than 25,000 real estate transactions and closings, and our team is dedicated to providing all of our clients with the best title insurance available for insuring your dream; thorough and accurate records searches; assistance in resolving unexpected issues that could interfere with important real estate transactions; and expeditious closing processes that exceed the expectations of all parties involved.

Decades of Experience in Title Insurance

Title Insights opened its doors in 2019, but our founder has been in the real estate field since 1993, and obtained a Title License in 2006. Our founder has an extensive background in the legal and finance fields, as well. Since then, our company has become a member of the American Land Title Association, Florida Land Title Association, National Notary Association, and Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce. Our title professionals have worked with properties of all types and sizes, and have helped sellers and buyers maintain peace of mind throughout the property transfer process.


Whether You are a Real Estate Broker or Agent, a Mortgage Banker or a Lender, a Developer or Builder…

Title Insights should be Handling Your Next Closing